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Why Money Coach Master Application?

Brand your business and leverage the success formula and the unfair advantage this application gives you

Data Wizard to help your enter your clients personal accounts data with ease

Ability to create unlimited number of Cash Flow Plans to service

Unlimited number of clients

  • Set your clients’ goals, priority and timeframes
  • Find the cash to fund your clients’ goals and integrate the funding into their budgets
  • Conduct Goals impact analysis
  • Conduct what-if analysis to explore various debt elimination strategies to accelerate your clients get out of debt and stay out of debt efforts
  • Create, implement and maintain a balanced budget
  • Create personalized cash flow plan to help your clients get ahead financially

Exchange Data and Plans with your Money Clients

Through the secure channel between the Money Coach Client Application and the Money Coach Master application you can

  • Exchange your clients’ data your clients
  • Import and implement your personalized Cash Flow Plan

Stay in-touch with your clients to ensure their success with their Plans

Schedule plans reviews without having to leave your office
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